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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee For Sale, these are the 10 absolute worst Jeeps of all time

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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee For Sale, these are the 10 absolute worst Jeeps of all time – Regardless of its status as a renowned brand name, also Jeep has actually had a few worst-ever moments. Actually, one could politely declare that there have been years where virtually the whole version line has misbehaved. For instance, here’s the schedule in 2007:

Not a delighted time for Jeep followers, or, I dare say, for the brand itself. Indeed, there was a time in the mid-2000s when Jeep appeared shed, wandering off from its structure of stout, capable, as well as imaginative cars.

Born from The Second World War as well as created via the building of various types of lorries to do several sorts of points, it appeared throughout those DaimlerChrysler years that the songs of revolving ownership had stopped– and also this was just what had actually taken place: badly developed SUVs for any individual who desired a seven-slot grille and round fronts lights.

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee For Sale

Thing is, that’s not the Jeep we like. For the legions of fans out there, a Jeep is about uncompromising style and also efficiency that completes its goal regardless of what. That’s not a credo the 2007 Compass can measure up to, is it?

Truth is, with the exception of the Wrangler, none of Jeep’s 2007 models can make that case. In fact, 5 of the 6 get on this worst-ever listing, which states a great deal concerning how fantastic Jeep has actually been for over 75 years– as well as how one period doesn’t influence the imprint of a great brand and its vehicles.

So, allow’s take a look back, appreciate, as well as keep in mind some of Jeep’s most endangered cars. Our list of the ten worst Jeeps of all time is based on the following: they had to be terrible, dull, unusual, meaningless, or all the above. The 10 worst Jeeps are here, in sequential order.

1972 to 1973 Jeep Task force

Fresh off obtaining Jeep from Kaiser, AMC’s first move was so great. Really wonderful! I imply, why not jump right in and also change up the Jeepster Commando? Besides, it’s not like they put square fronts lights on the initial Wrangler or anything.

What they did do was plenty poor enough.

Certain, the powertrains were usually believed to be a renovation, but exterminating the Jeepster name was harsh. Adding 3 inches to the snout? Worse. From the C101 to C104, those little inches made miles of distinction when it involved the appearance of the Task force. Add in a grille only Ford Bronco followers would certainly like, and also you had a Frankenjeep that properly damaged sales.

Today, Jeep acolytes divided the Commando into two fundamental periods: The fun and also quirky Jeepster years, as well as the death rattle of a redesign gone terribly wrong.

1978 to 1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief Golden Eagle

Far be it from me to snub an eagle sticker. However come on now. If there’s one point about Jeep that has continued to be regular for many years, it’s the brand name’s capacity to conjure excessive and also wacky special editions.

The initial Wrangler Blue Islander is a fine example. And after that, especially, the 2010 Wrangler Blue Islander remake. The grandest of Grand Wagoneer Grand Cherokees. Some also claim there was once a Playboy scandal sheet of the Jeep CJ-5.

So, it ought to come as not a surprise that this checklist would certainly consist of the best in gaudy special editions: A 1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief Golden Eagle. Take a 2-door Cherokee on a broad track, add a huge eagle on the hood, gold wheels, red and also gold stickers, a denim inside, and also bronzed paint.

Yes. Welcome to the late 1970s.

1986 to 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ

Someplace, the person that came up with the concept of square fronts lights on the very first Wrangler is possibly still questioning what the hell all the difficulty had to do with. Round headlights … square headlights … rounded fronts lights … square … it’s still a damn Jeep. Right?

Incorrect. So wrong.

Fact is, the furor over the front lights design on the first-ever Wrangler was indicative of how AMC was changing a true American legend. As the substitute to the CJ, the YJ needed to embody the story of the CJ legacy through its styling as well as efficiency.

This was not merely a car that could be changed based on parts availability, it was an icon of inspiration. Thus, when the YJ debuted as a total separation from the CJ, numerous fans were not so amazed. Inning accordance with Jeep, basically none of the components were shared. The layout was various in undoubtedly critical ways, and the YJ ushered in a much more comfortable track and improved inside– not specifically what CJ followers wanted.

Yet perhaps it was exactly what several thousands of other potential Jeep customers needed.

1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

As a basic rule, when an automaker “restores” a nameplate, they’re generally on the prowl for quick sales at the cost of brand name tradition– tradition built off the memories of a previously excellent automobile. Such is the sad reality around the 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, anyway.

Approximately it appears.

On the heels of a very successful Grand Cherokee launch (among the best ever), in 1993 Jeep chose to keep the great times rolling by using the Grand Wagoneer name as the great, luxed-up Grand Cherokee trim.

Allow’s repeat. Jeep ends the Grand Wagoneer SJ in 1991. But wait! There’s more! They restore the name 2 years later on and put it on the top trim of the Grand Cherokee ZJ. That made it possible for vehicle purchasers to drive around in the Jeep Grand Cherokee Grand Wagoneer.


Certain, it had woodgrain. As Well As a 5.2-liter V8 engine. However actually, it was a Jeep Grand Cherokee called a Jeep Grand Wagoneer to deceive patriots right into thinking it was some great retro remake. Or was it a Jeep Grand Wagoneer based entirely on a Jeep Grand Cherokee? I am so confused!

Turns out, most people saw through parent business Chrysler Corp.’s little shell game and ignored it. Not that it mattered– the 1993 Grand Cherokee marketed fairly fine anyway.

2002 to 2007 Jeep Liberty

The Jeep Liberty was so negative that it’s on this checklist two times. That’s historic levels of worst-ever pity, as well as pretty well was entitled to when it comes to the Liberty. It will perhaps be forever referred to as the soft Jeep for university children.

Or was that the Compass? The Patriot?

No matter, this first-gen Freedom debuted for the 2002 model year as a substitute for the aging but still cherished Cherokee Where the Cherokee was squared off and timeless, the Liberty was rounded and soft. Inexpensive indoor little bits finished the style fall short.

2005 to 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It’s not that the third-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee was a rattletrap. It’s simply that, well, it appropriately represented the somewhat horrible mid-2000s for Jeep. As then-owner DaimlerChrysler wanted to enforce a more traditional schedule onto the brand name, things got a little odd and discombobulating.

Even a car like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with a built-in military of followers, wasn’t unsusceptible to uninspiring designs caused by function confusion. Case in point: For the 2005 model-year redesign, Jeep trotted out 2 V8 engines.

Granted, one was a Hemi, but why not erase the 4.7-liter V8 and also opt for the much-loved and extra polished 5.7-liter engine?

Furthermore, the mix of a new suspension designed for improved on-pavement driving– with just 8 inches of ground clearance– left off-roaders and purists muttering as well as moaning. It really did not matter that evaluations reported a qualified off-roader.

It didn’t resemble a Jeep, as well as it sure didn’t feel like one when you scuffed all-time low on a rock.

So unfortunate. Compromise could be all right occasionally, however not when it pertains to Jeep symbols.

2006 to 2010 Jeep Commander

Insert a third row of seats into a Jeep Grand Cherokee, blow out the measurements a bit, alter the designing, as well as voila! You have actually got yourself an awful Jeep Grand Cherokee with an useless back row.

As a bonus offer, households got awful fuel economy, a selection of 2 V8 engines, and also interior dimensions that flat-out really did not work.

Think of it this way: The Leader was just 2 inches longer than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, however regarding 400 pounds larger. If ever before there was a cars and truck that required a diet as well as a treadmill, the Leader was it.

2007 to 2017 Jeep Compass

Jeep followers call this thing “shopping center rated.” Which is very funny, as well as stone’s throw off the mark as close to as I can inform. My own experience with the Compass left me unfortunate, trembled, and questioning why Jeep would put its badge on it.

I was quite naïve at that time.

As a member of the brand name’s frightening “joint-venture” dreamscapes, the Compass was horrible on essentially all counts. It had a weak engine mated to a joy-killing constantly variable transmission.

The interior shown off badly uncomfortable antimicrobial seating material, and also miles of economical plastic. It did feature a fold-flat pole position, just in case you needed to transport two-by-fours or stilts. As well as a flashlight in the ceiling– vital!


Most awful of all, when it debuted, the Compass was marketed as a compact SUV. Not so. It was actually a tall, odd-shaped hatchback with four-wheel drive, and really did not truly provide the ride height and freight area of an SUV.

2007 to 2017 Jeep Patriot

See: Compass.

Seriously, if you needed to choose between both, go with the Patriot due to the fact that it resembled a typical Jeep as well as cost thousands less than the not-so-sexy Compass.

Or else, the Patriot is a somewhat different version of the exact same system and also powertrain, wrapped in more upright layout, providing a little a lot more qualified off-roading, as well as just a tad extra cargo room. The Patriot debuted with the exact same poor driving experience, bad gas economic climate, and inexpensively made inside.

Looking back, it’s just somewhat unsubstantiated that Jeep sold both– at the same time– or ever before.

2008 to 2012 Jeep Freedom

In 2002, everybody grumbled regarding exactly how the first-gen Freedom didn’t properly change the precious Cherokee. In spite of its proper circular headlights and authentic off-roading capability, the Freedom was as well short, tall, and round, that made produced Cherokee followers weep as well as yard dogs shout.

Then, in 2008, Jeep got it right, yet more than half a decade far too late. Every person complained about the redesigned 2008 version, due to the fact that it was too “rough riding” and too “aggressive” and appeared like an “old-fashioned Jeep.”

There’s simply no pleasing individuals sometimes.

Fact is that by 2008, less cars and truck customers appreciated off-road driving. By then, people desired car-based crossovers.

However that’s not why the 2008 Liberty gets on this checklist. It just lacked the high quality one would certainly expect, it was powered by a parched as well as unrefined engine, and also while the layout heeded back to the legendary Jeeps of yore, it additionally appeared like a miniaturized Leader, rather than a new take on the old Cherokee.

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