The New Series of Jeep Truck 2018 Ready to Launch

The New Series of Jeep Truck 2018 Ready to Launch – Learning from the rivals Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado, it is known that the majority of US citizens love full-sized pickup truck. Sure, it seems Jeep don’t want to be left. Moreover, this brand is also one of the pioneers of truck-style vehicles. Actually, Jeep should not be in rush as it has been launched another truck version, Fiat-Chrysler. Fiat-Chrysler is still under Jeep Company and it mainly features RAM Pickup Truck that is demanded a lot by the customers. But Jeep is not satisfied that easily. It is ready to launch another series of pickup truck with different size and design. So, they decide to make it right as one of the Jeep series. In the world of automotive, it is such a good movement since the Jeep brand is simply all about such kinds of pickup truck.

Wrangler-Style Pickup Truck

Jeep Wrangler is not something new as it is even the most recognized design of the Jeep itself. It sounds great if the Wrangler variant is developed into the pickup version. This idea is positively responded to by the customers. It indeed sounds cool to apply something like the pickup on the Wrangler series. In fact, those two designs are still in line with the same purposes; adventurous purposes. The project of Jeep truck 2018 has been started some years ago and in 2016, Mike Manley, the chief of Jeep Global has talked to Sergio Marchionne, CEO FCA about this new project. The expectation of this Wrangler-style pickup truck is quite high. It is even said that this Jeep truck will be a part of the truck development history.

Great Innovation

Although slightly both Wrangler and truck are not something new, when those variants are combined, it is definitely a great innovation. Besides, there are some features that are upgraded and changed to make this series look more sophisticated than the old Wrangler. What are they? First, the body dimension is bigger as well as some improvements in term of dimension. Second, it is clear that there will be an additional truck behind that enables the users to load more stuff there. Third, although there is still no official statement regarding the engine, there is a rumor that it will apply aluminum fuel. It is a way to increase the fuel efficiency. As information for you, the old Wrangler is really not economical in term of fuel. It becomes the main lack of the series. Fourth, the new variants of Wrangler Jeep truck 2018 features automatic transmission. It enhances the ability of controlling on any field and traffic.

The Variants

Although more rumors are also about there will be some variants whether in term of design and color, there is still no clear explanation about this matter. The only thing comes into surface is regarding the 2018 JK Wrangler Sport. It is claimed that this series have two variants; one of them is with two doors and another has four doors. Meanwhile, there are also some other three special editions based on this Jeep series; The Golden Eagle, The Willys Wheeler, and The Willys Wheeler W edition. Each of them has different features in term of wheels, off-road rock rails, bumpers, and even the air conditioning.

The presence of Jeep Truck 2018 surely gives great vibes for the automotive lovers. It is particularly for them with off-road hobby but has more necessities to load more things and stuff as well. Where it will be launched has not exactly known yet. But according to the leakage from some sources, it seems you don’t need to wait for a long time. So, save your money for Jeep Truck 2018.

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